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Lachi kommt (:
Hier kannst du mein "neues" Leben bei einem halbjährigen Schülertausch sehen und vielleicht kommentieren ??
Eure Lachi (:

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Vie chaotique Livre d'hôte La fille<3 Lui ♥ Les Franzosin¿ Votre famille Les meilleurs amis ♣ Désirs

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Sie ist 14,wird 15& kommt aus Deutschland
Hat blond gefärbte Haare, ist klein und musiksüchtig
Am liebsten Linkin Park,Billy Talent & System of a Down

Sorry Lachi

Hello Lachi...
I´m the Girl from France that lives in german....and my name is jacky...it is just a information...i have to say sorry to you,because..i have feel in love with your boyfriend...a big sorry to you lachi...but i really love him...did you have a boyfriend in paris? i heard that you dont like my school...i think it´s unfair from you to say something...the reason why you hate my school is,because you dont can speak perfect france...its your problem,not mine...your mum dont like you, is that true? she likes me more than you :D
All your "friends" in school say that you are a arrogant bitch.. is that true? and all the guys say that i am more prettier then you...oh sorry but i have to love about that ^^....you are a poor girl next to me, bitch...go home and cry...my parents dont like you and that´s good...^^...in german all your friends and people who know you dont like you....i´m in love with your boyfriend and your mum is my best friend...*lol* and your sisters also like me...its a good life,that i live...
5.9.08 17:09

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Nikci / Website (6.9.08 11:09)
Auch wenn ich dich nicht kenn.. falls dir diese Jacky das wirklich geschrieben hat, ist sie die Bitch. o.ö Fühl dich gedrückt. <3

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